SENTINELplus® Enteral Feeding Pump

[ Compact & Reliable ]

Why Choose SENTINELplus®?

The SENTINELplus® Enteral Feeding Pump is an enhanced version of our popular SENTINEL® feeding pump. A lighter, smaller package brings the same simplicity and reliability of its predecessor.

  • User-friendly operation with simple programming​
  • Drop-Detection technology​
  • Clover shaped rotor​
  • Dual display and simple alarms
  • Advanced memory to retain pump history

SENTINELplus® Specifications

Pumping Mechanism:Rotary Peristaltic
Operating Range:5-295 mL/hr in 1 mL/hr increments
Dose Limit:1-2000 mL in 1mL increments; 2000-9999 in 5 ml increments
Occlusion Pressure:Does not exceed 15 psi
Battery:12v, 1.2 AH/1.3 AH sealed lead acid
Dimensions15 cm H x 20 cm W x 9 cm D
Weight1.42 kg
Power Requirement18VDC, 1 AMP
Power Supply100 to 240VAC, 400-200mA, 50-60HZ
Oper. Condition+16 to +40°C, 10 to 95% RH, 500 – 1060 mmHg
Shock ProtectionClass II, Type BF
Water IngressIPX2

SENTINELplus® Downloads

SENTINELplus® Brochure

SENTINELplus® should only be used with ALCOR® Scientific approved administration sets. ​SENTINELplus® availability limited to regions accepting CE mark.