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SEDiTROL®​ Quality Control

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SEDiTROL®​ Overview

SEDiTROL® Quality Controls are bi-level, human-based, whole blood external controls used to monitor the performance of the iSED®, iSED® ELITE and miniiSED® ESR analyzers and testing technique. SEDiTROL® controls are derived from human blood to mimic a patient sample and are processed in the same manner as a patient sample. For efficiency and convenience, the controls are stored at room temperature and can be placed directly into the analyzer.

ESR is a physiological reaction, and it is critical to use the appropriate external controls for your laboratory’s ESR test. Our propriety assayed SEDiTROL® controls are the only quality controls that have been validated for use with the iSED® product line.​

Every SEDiTROL® user has access to iQAP, an online peer-to-peer quality assurance program.

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All SEDiTROL® customers have access to iQAP, ALCOR® Scientific’s convenient online quality control data management program. iQAP allows laboratories to compare their performance to other laboratories worldwide and has a robust network of users for meaningful peer-to-peer comparison. Reports with real-time data can be accessed on demand through the online portal.

SEDiTROL® Ordering Information

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SEDiTROL® Quality Controls (Levels 1 & 2)Pack of 2 x 4.0 mlDSC01
Pack of 6 x 4.0 mlDSC06

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