An easier way to study red blood cell:

What is MIZAR®?

MIZAR® is a compact, customizable, and easy-to-use rheometer for measuring red blood deformability, elasticity, and aggregability directly from a whole blood sample. MIZAR® is designed to improve the accessibility of hemorheology research by making it faster and easier than ever before to generate these hemorheological parameters. By working off an unprocessed whole blood sample and allowing users to adjust shear stress, MIZAR® makes it possible to study red blood cells in their own plasma and provides a better mimic of in vivo conditions.

The Science

The rheologic properties of blood – aggregability, deformability, and elasticity – significantly impact blood flow within the body and are associated with a number of conditions and diseases. Hemorheology is emerging as an important field of research, but generating hemorheological parameters has been cumbersome prior to MIZAR®. MIZAR® uses similar technology as the proven capillary photometry technology employed by the iSED® family of erythrocyte sedimentation rate analyzers. This technology is based on syllectometry to measure the effect of shear stress on red blood cells and uses an unprocessed blood sample.

If you are studying rheological properties of blood, MIZAR® can help with data generation.

MIZAR® Specifications

Name of Device:MIZAR®
Type of Device:Rheometer
Restrictions:For Research Use Only. Not For Use in Diagnostic Procedures.  
Principle of Measure:Syllectometry
Sample Requirements:Anticoagulated whole blood or other red blood cell suspension in a 13x75 mm tube with a pierceable cap
Sample Volume:Approximately 500 ul of sample required to run test / 100 ul of sample is aspirated
Sample Capacity:1 sample at a time; results available in seconds to minutes depending on instrument settings
Results:13 parameters related to the hemorheological properties of a blood sample
Result Transmission:Via USB port
Printer:Optional accessory
Dimensions (L x W x D):36 x 19 x 24 cm / 14 x 7.5 x 9.5 in