The Sentinel® Enteral Feeding Pump is a reliable, accurate and safe enteral feeding pump that is considered the standard in enteral feeding.

The Sentinel® is manufactured in the USA by ALCOR Scientific and its design is to provide an enteral feeding device that is affordable and capable of delivering reliably and safely all types of enteral feeding formulas.

The Sentinel® is intuitively programmed to provide the operator with quick, one-touch access to its many useful features.  Advanced software and patented technologies help ensure accurate patient delivery.

RELIABLE: Advanced software retains pump history only until manually erased, even in the event of power failures,or when pump is turned off

ACCURATE: Patented drop-detection technology ensures accurate delivery and helps minimize false alarms; ±10% accuracy with flow rates between 5-295 mL/hr

SAFE: Easily recognizable audible and visual alarms

EASY: Easy-to-read LED display and easy-to-use keypad help users to activate many functions with a single touch

Item #: S-1000-SI (120V,60Hz),S-2000-6 (240VAC),S-2000-10 (240VAC,UK Power Cord)