Seditrol® is a bi-level control, manufactured from human blood used for monitoring the performance of erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) procedures.  Seditrol® can be used on most ESR testing systems and is useful to the laboratorian to monitor the performance of the analyzer and the quality of the technique, as well as the effect environmental factors such temperature, bench top vibration and sample suitability may have on the quality of the test results.

Seditrol® is used in the same manner as the patient sample.

Available in configurations of 4x9mL.

Item #: DSC04

No Refrigeration

Seditrol® does not require refrigeration and should be stored at room temperature (between 18°C-30°C).

Extended Shelf Life

Seditrol® has an 18 month shelf life and 31 day open vial stability.


Lot Sequestering

ALCOR is proud to offer Seditrol® Lot Sequestering for both the Normal and Abnormal control.  This added convenience is available to ALCOR Customers at no additional charge and helps to alleviate time spent correlating new lots and performing crossover studies.  Sequestered lots are put aside for Customers and released according to a Customer's established schedule.