Measure RBC Aggregation, Deformability, and Whole Blood Viscosity at the touch of a button.

ALCOR Scientific brings its Innovation and creative instrument design to the field of hemorheology. Over the past ten years, ALCOR has been solely focused the development of whole blood analyzers for use in clinical laboratories and was one of the first to offer a fully automated, random-access, high throughput ESR analyzer. Like the iSED ESR analyzer, the MIZAR rheometer is developed and manufactured in the USA.

  • Draws directly from 13x75mm blood collection tube
  • 100uL sample size
  • Continuous feed of up to 20 samples
  • No disposables required
  • Data easily retrievable from microSD card
  • Measures several parameters such as:
    - Critical shear stress
    - Aggregation index
    - Surface area and speed of the aggregation kinetic
    - Redistribution and shape recovery time