ALCOR Scientific is a US based, privately held company resulting from a business merger between Diagnostic Systems Inc., a leading distributor of clinical laboratory instrumentation, and OST Medical Inc., a manufacturer of enteral nutrition feeding pumps.

ALCOR seeks aggressive growth through strategic R&D reinvestment and marketing of the company's innovative core technologies to under served, niche market segments.  Over the past 3 years, ALCOR has developed, and introduced, proprietary devices that guarantee stable leadership in the Clinical Diagnostics and Enteral Feeding Devices markets.

In the Enteral Device market, ALCOR is one of three major suppliers of enteral feeding pumps worldwide. The company's FDA approved Sentinel® Enteral Feeding Pump and related administration sets are rapidly gaining market share due to ease-of-use and cost-effective-operation.

In the Clinical Diagnostics market, ALCOR has established a leading position in the blood rheology market- blood sedimentation, aggregometry, and viscosity- that sets the stage for exceptional growth and market penetration.  The new iSED system for Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) testing uses proprietary technology so advanced it will revolutionize the $350 million ESR market worldwide.